Artist Statement

As a contemporary landscape painter, experiencing the natural environment is an integral part of my creative process. My observations of the natural world serve as the source of inspiration for the work that I make. Over years of close study, I have noted many gradual transformations in the sites that I frequent. As a witness to the environmental changes that are occurring, I am compelled to make paintings that address the new realities of our environment today. A world where invasive species, extreme weather and environmental degradation are steadily becoming the new normal.

The paintings that I create are informed by my thoughts and responses to the new state of our contemporary natural environment. They are constructed from both memory and observation, and arise from real and imagined environmental scenarios. With them, I examine the power and fragility of nature caught in a state of flux between destruction and renewal. In creating these paintings, I hope to raise awareness, and inspire a greater respect for the environment that we all share.

The formal issues addressed in my work stem from my interest in the tensions between abstraction and representation, order and chaos, and the natural versus the artificial. These polarities are fitting to my theme as they mirror the conflict present in our environment today. Grappling to reconcile these drastic and disparate qualities provides the creative challenge which drives my work. Within these polarities lies a visual language that I find challenging and exciting to explore.


Deluge, Acrylic on canvas, 28 x 30 x 1.5"