I enjoy working in a serial fashion. It helps me to expand upon my ideas and make unexpected
discoveries. Shown here are some of the series works that I have created.

Wetland Series

An ongoing series of acrylic paintings on paper that are 19 x 24" each. They are influenced
by my memory of the landscape I observe while hiking near local wetland environments.

Scape Series

An ongoing series of small paintings on panel that may be displayed in a variety
of configurations to suit the exhibition space. An organic grid configuration is shown
here. Works are sold individually, allowing the series to evolve and change over time.

Scape Series, Acrylic on panel, 7 x 5.5 x 1.5" each

Scape Series
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Nature Grid

This grouping consists of acrylic paintings on panel that range from 4 x 4" to 8 x 10" in size. 
The paintings are arranged in an organic grid configuration which was designed specifically
for its site.  I create these groupings in various sizes and color schemes using small works.

Nature Grid -Grouping of small acrylic paintings on panel in assorted sizes, Dimensions are variable, 40 x 70 x2" shown

Habitat Series

This is an ongoing series of tiny 4 x 4" paintings on panel.  They are often created from leftovers
that are lying around the studio. The creative challenge is to make them become little gems.

Habitat 72, Acrylic on panel, 4 x 4 x 1.5", Part of the Habitat Series

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Greenery Series

A six-piece series of framed paintings on paper that are inspired by the greenery in the the local parks where I like to hike. They are designed to work together as a group.

Greenery 1 - 6 Acrylic on paper, matted and framed in natural wood. 17.5 x 21.5 x 1.75” each